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Paris, 30 October 2001
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What do you expect of a cultural monthly?


"ALORS" will be available from news-stands on 14th November

Cultural magazine: the term in use today is ambiguous. What does it mean? Is it a magazine focusing on "Culture" written by established journalists? Or a monthly shaped by the individual and free sympathies of its contributors?

"ALORS", an independent title, aims to present readers with articles which simply explain their authors' relationship with the world, without presumption. "ALORS" is European, provincial and deliberately "nomadic".
"ALORS" is based not only in Lyon but also in Toulouse, Nîmes and even Paris. Quang-Tri Trân Diêp, Editorial Director, and Jean-François Abert, Editor-in-Chief, have brought together a team of journalists that they describe as "explorers of the present day": Jean-Paul Kauffmann, Jean Rolin, Jacques Maigne, Paul Fournel, Eugène Durif, Pierre Sorgue, Michel Le Bris, Luc Vachez, as well as the Portuguese designer, Leonel Moura, and contributors from the foreign press. Novelists like Colum McCann and photographers like Derek Hudson and others from agencies like "Editing", "Métis", "L'oeil public" and "Vu" will accompany articles in "ALORS".
The monthly magazine will have 84 pages and appear 10 times a year. A print run of 30,000 copies will be distributed by NMPPs. "ALORS" is published in Lyon by the Serveur Group (, the data bank and hard copy publications imprint. The Publishing Director is Thierry Ehrmann, founder of the Serveur Group.

For the editorial managers and the publishing director, "Our modest ambitions reflect the modesty of our editorial proposals - we do not intend to cover every event, nor cover in 84 pages all the headings appropriate to a general interest magazine. We simply aim to render our view of the world intelligible.
News, by the time it reaches the reader, has gone all round the world. For us, it only makes sense if we reveal the history of the attitudes and means of cultural production.
Rather than react on the spot to this or that world-shaking event, which would ultimately show a lack of taste for a monthly, we prefer the job of analyzing selected situations based on their relative duration. These re-readings of current events will be accounts and investigations into their topical relevance, in other words into the resonance of a literary work to discover or rediscover, of a type of social phenomenon, of a musical performance, a piece of theatre or a film, of landscapes too rarely visited or of the history of an object. Above all, we wish to establish a writer's journalism with the views that this implies and the risks that this entails, whose words and photographs form a coherent whole. If we must have an image, "ALORS" will be a socially concerned and entertaining documentary magazine drawing its strength from a spirit of "journalism on the ground"."

- Press contacts: Mathieu Calleux - Calyptus - +33 1 53 65 37 91 -

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